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Friday, 25 November 2011


Recently, I went to see The Damned in the Edinburgh Picture House, (£4 a pint!) to see their performance of "Damned Damned Damned" and "The Black Album", two for the price of one indeed!

Top night out, from Viv Albertine's support which was augmented by Pinch, Cap and Monty (Iron Cock) on tablas later on in the set. Cap played a booming Wobblesque bass, Monty beat himself silly untill the last couple of songs where Pinch sneaked behind his kit and, well, sorted it!

I enjoyed Viv's set, but it was proven that if she had a full band behind her, she would rock it completely! Did I mention how hot she looks too? Cap did a few times later on, arf!!!

Then, to The Damned, the place was packed out, chucked off the stairs packed out, couldn't find the Merch stall either! A blistering set was started by the theme From the film Damnbusters, curtains open, could it be the Damned? Wearing paper bag hats ala Neat Neat Neat, one of which if you have seen Frances photo's had "I'm a Cunt" wrote all on the back of it, arf!!!!

DDD was done, fast and furious,then those of us who knew the first album went for a piss, unfortunately there were many, many damned fans. Including one who looked like Alice Cooper and was steaming. I also spent time explaining to some French guy from Bordeaux, while I was out for a smoke how good Buckfast Tonic Wine was. Coals to Newcastle? Maybe not.

So, The Black Album. For those of you that missed this tour, you could have been at home with the sound quality of the live gig. Sorry? Arf!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Magnets Or Skill?

I would say the "fish tank" is the biggest clue in this clip. Some people have suggested they fed the fish iron, or implanted it and it's done by magnets underneath the shallowest fish tank that was ever built. Fish are also quite clever too, shadows are the enemy to anything living in water so they could be manipulated that way too. Judge for yourself.

It's better than that Scottish bloke in the 80's who used to swallow a poor wee goldfishy and boak up two.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Junkie XL Live'99 - 09. Power Of Big Slacks

I can now reveal with slight trepidation that my weight is now around the 10 stone mark. I've manage to pile on three and a half stone in two months, and boy have I enjoyed it. When you suffer from some form of IBS you'll know eating can be an absolute nightmare. From no appetite to unbearable pain, it's all inclusive.
So you can understand why it was so easy and, more importantly damn enjoyable to actually get stuck into some proper grub. Let me tell you though, at no point in the mastication were the "words", "nom nom nom" uttered., I saw someone say this on Come Dine With Me last week, nearly launched the plasma. Seriously.
This sudden, up to nearly eleven volume increase has had one or two downsides, does that make it a rhomboid? If there's two downsides then there must be two up sides, maybe a few side sides, whatever, I was never good at geography. Those downsides being, the extra winter fuel I'm carrying is playing havoc with me arthritis and lack of muscle to cart myself about. And all my nice troosers don't fit no more.

A small price to pay for the constant illness I used to have. Big Slacks.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011

Jane's Addiction - 08. Splash a Little Water on It The Great Escape Artist

Album Review The Great Escape Artist by Jane's Addiction.

Just got this today from Amazon, sorry record shop, but nectar points win.

As you would imagine it's Jane's in 2011, more evolved, but retaining the Jane's vibe. Free single "End To The Lies" has a dub intro now, worth it for the album price alone!

Other songs are also good. Let's face it, I'm not going to convince any one who hasn't heard them before to buy this album, and fans will buy it anyway.